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Cummins Overhaul Kits

Are you an owner of a Cummins engine that is no longer giving you the outstanding performance you once got? Do you find your fuel efficiency slipping and you needing to buy fuel far more frequently than you did when your engine was newer? If so, it may be time for an engine overhaul. Pay us a visit at Diesel Power Technology, and take a look at an overhaul kit for your engine. The greatly improved fuel mileage you'll get after one of our Cummins overhaul kits will more than pay for the cost of the kit. We are a locally owned diesel engine business that is nearby to Gilroy, CA and the community surrounding it, which includes cities like Sacramento, Modesto, and Turlock. We are committed to providing the best diesel engine sales and service in the area. Stop by today, to see why we're the best and most complete shop around.

With Cummins overhaul kits, you'll improve the durability, fuel efficiency, and performance of your engine. The kits contain different parts based on the make and model of your Cummins engine, but a number of tools that will enhance your Cummins engine's performance. These include gasket sets, bearings sets, cylinder liners, connecting rod bearings pairs, and piston kits. Every part that is contained in the overhaul kit has been engineered by Cummins with the latest in upgrades and improvements. Coupled with Cummins' stringent quality control, you will get a kit that will make your tired engine revitalized and operating at peak level. The kits come with a full warranty from the Cummins' factory.

So, give your Cummins engine the boost it needs with a great Cummins overhaul kits. The performance and efficiency you'll get will amaze you. At Diesel Power Technology, we only carry the best. You can be sure, you'll always get the highest quality and highly rated engines and parts in the business. So, stop by today for your kit! On the Web, we're at www.dieselpowertechs.com.